Monday, 3 December 2012

How To Setup A Video Call In Facebook?

As we have discussed the fact a number of times in our previous posts, the world we live in is doubt the era of science and technology. And it would not be wrong saying that our surroundings are a perfect blend of scientific laws and human efforts, that has for sure helped in improving our lifestyle.

Technological advancement has improved and perfected our lives in a number of ways. And if we talk about the king of all advancements, the invention of Internet, it has for sure given a new dimension to us. This fact can never be denied that Internet has become our necessity, without which we cant live.

The most remarkable thing Internet did was providing people with a platform where one can easily stay in touch with anyone, friends family, in any part of the world. Facebook, Gmail, Skype etc are some of the most remarkable platforms through which you can talk and interact with your friends and family, by just sitting in front of your computer in any part of the world.

As you all are active users of Facebook, you all are pretty aware of the functions and features provided by facebook. The chat option was a pretty good one giving us the option to talk to people as well. And now extending this and facilitating more, it also has started the Video call facility. That now enables its users to talk to each other face to face, with live expressions! So folks, my today's post will provide you all with a guideline to how to setup and use the video call facility, particularly at Facebook!

Video Call At Facebook!

Nothing in this world can take the pace of your very own face to express what you feel or hat really is going in you. As facebook has been the most favourite platform for interaction among the people all around the world, to provide such a facility to its users was the most awaited thing.

In collaboration with Skype, Facebook was finally able to accomplish the task. Now users of facebook could also see each other while chatting expressing their feelings in a much complete and perfect way. This was a pretty good experiment as it had the least criticism because of its good performance, enabling one to chat without getting interrupted.

How To Setup Video Calling??

The best part about Facebooks video calling is that you don't to install any extra softwares. Its installation is a really simple one. Below are some simple steps following which you will be able to setup video calling on your facebook account.

Step 1:

To start video call with the desired person, simply click on the icon. As a result chat window will appear. On the top of this window, click on the video icon.

Step 2:

After this, a window will appear. Simply click on the "setup" button and follow easy instructions to install the desired software for video calling.

Step 3:

After installation is complete, the video calling facility will start automatically on your account. Now you can easily video chat with your desired friends and family members having the same facility on their end.

How To Start Video Calling??

Once you have installed the software, you have automatically acquired the facility of video calling on your Facebook account. Below listed are some easy steps following which you will be able to video call with your desired contact.

Step 1:

After installation, you can visit the profile of your desired contact. This can be done through chat box window as a video sign is present on the top, after clicking which you can start video calling.

Step 2:

Your desired contact, if on line, will answer or reply you back. After which you need to hold on for a few minutes so that your web cams can be interconnected for video call.

Step 3:

In case you want to video call someone and your desired contact is off line, you can easily send him a video message which would also include the date and time when the message is recorded. You can now video call with the desired contact!

So folks these were some easy steps following which you can easily setup video calling after which you can use this facility. For video calling, the most important thing is that web cam and other related devices should be perfect and in working condition in order to get perfect results. Do follow these and update us with your positive feedback folks.

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